Choosing strings for your wedding day is a beautiful choice and can create the mood you are dreaming of. For a breezy, summer garden wedding or for a formal ceremony the sounds of strings compliment any wedding. We enjoy wonderful weather year round here in Central Florida. We are also blessed with the most wonderful Orlando theme parks, world-class hotels and restaurants, beautiful beaches and formal churches offering their space for nuptials. The sky is the limit here in Orlando when planning a dream wedding. Outdoor events are the most popular and string music is often chosen to set the mood. A solo violin or a combination of different instruments may be chosen. Today, we are discussing the prelude and wedding ceremony music options and things to remember when planning this part of the wedding.

Prelude music:

Adding a few minutes of prelude music will entertain your wedding guests while you’re getting ready to make your grand entrance. Work closely with your musicians of choice to make sure you choose just the right music, since they are experienced and well aware of protocol for different venues. Depending upon the couple’s religion or other criteria, the music is chosen just for them. If the two of them are of different religious backgrounds or have other requirements, all must be taken into consideration when making the final music choices.

Many formal ceremonies prefer beautiful classical music choices. Informal ceremonies sometimes use lively tunes and popular songs. Keep in mind however, that the wedding party and the bridal couple usually miss the prelude. Save the favorite song or two to be played during the reception or possibly during the lighting of the unity candle. The recessional might be a better choice for using a favorite piece. In this way, the couple will enjoy hearing their music choice.

Church wedding music:

Some churches have restrictions regarding music choices. The couple will normally get a list of songs allowed as they meet with the clergy performing the ceremony. If this music is not normally performed by the musicians, additional time should be allowed for them to prepare for the ceremony music. If the sheet music is provided to the musicians in a timely manner, this should not be a problem.

Bridal processional:

The processional is the beginning of the wedding ceremony. The bridal processional normally includes several different pieces of music. The first selection will be chosen for the seating of the grandparents and the parents. Another piece can be chosen for the men’s processional just before the wedding party enters. A piece for the wedding party and an additional choice for the bridal entrance such as “Here Comes The Bride.” Work with your musicians to make the right choices on how many pieces should be chosen. This will depend upon personal choice, the length of the aisle in the ceremony and also on how many people are included in the processional.

FYI: Only a short amount of each piece will be performed so keep this in mind. Once the parties reach the end of the aisle, the music will be silenced.

Traditional and well-loved songs:

Pachelbel’s Canon in D is a wonderful choice for the processional. If the wedding is very small it can be used for the entire wedding party, or just for the bride. Other great choices are Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring by Bach and Tchaikovsky’s Waltz from Sleeping Beauty. The musicians usually have a list of their favorites and can guide you to make the perfect choice for your perfect day.

Have a beautiful summer of weddings ahead and please contact us to discuss music options for your dream wedding. We look forward to being a part of your most special day.

Orlando Violin Music (Staff)