In Orlando, Florida, we have so many beautiful outdoor wedding locations!  Actually, way too many to cover in one blog. So I will just cover a few of my absolute favorite and most beautiful!

Let’s start with the gorgeous and picturesque Leu Gardens, Orlando’s own botanical gardens.  There are quite a number of locations a couple can  have their ceremony at this expansive location.  The largest is the Rose Garden and when the roses are in bloom, there is nothing more fragrant or spectacular.  There is one other location for larger weddings at Leu Gardens and that is by the old house.  It is also a very nice and inviting location.  Other nice locations include the first gazebo just after you enter the gardens.  Not only is it pretty for a small wedding, it is convenient for guests and they won’t have to walk too far.  There still are several other locations within the gardens that host weddings.  One is at the trellis. also very pretty and another site is at the far gazebo, quite a hike within the gardens.  This is good if your guests can all walk and want to experience how really unique and special the place is, as they get to walk a bit and enjoy being in this beautiful place.  I might add that a violin is the perfect instrument especially when accompanied others for these outdoor locations.  A violin’s sound carries and it is a completely portable instrument.  Another plus for having your ceremony at Leu Gardens is that if the weather doesn’t cooperate, they have several large rooms within the Leu House to bring your ceremony inside… definitely a plus!

Another one of my favorite Orlando wedding locations is at the Cypress Grove Estate House.  One can host both large and more intimate weddings at this picturesque Orlando park.  It is conveniently located south of down town, not far off of interstate 4.  It is situated right on a rather large lake and the gazebo is right next to the lake so your guests can enjoy this special view.  The landscaping is always well tended here and it is a beautiful old large estate that will greet your guests before they even see the view of the lake.  If it should rain, Cypress Grove does have rooms inside the house to move your wedding.  They host beautiful  parties both inside and outside and there is a very lovely porch that can be used for entertaining.

Yet another unique wedding location in Orlando is Paradise Cove.  One feels like this place is truly Florida. They also offer water sports here.  It is situated off of 535 and Interstate 4 very close to Disney.  So if your guests want to experience all the parks and want to stay in this area of town, Paradise Cove is very convenient.  It is hidden from the main roads and you might think you have taken a wrong turn as you enter. They host all sizes of weddings here and  wedding parties can be very lavish under the covered area.  A violinist is the perfect instrument for this location as it is live music and can easily be heard.

So if you are considering getting married in the Orlando area and you are looking for an outdoor venue, you might considering checking out one of the above mentioned venues.  We are very lucky in this area to have such beautiful outdoor locations to enjoy!