Are you a bride considering a Florida Beach wedding?  The beach can be absolutely the most beautiful location for a Florida wedding, whether you currently reside in Florida or are travelling for a destination wedding.  Two very lovely beaches in the Central Florida area are Cocoa Beach and Melbourne beach and you need to consider these two beaches if you are thinking of the Central Florida area.  They are relatively close to Orlando, so you and your guests can still take advantage of everything that Orlando offers tourists while  enjoying a very natural and outdoor setting for your wedding ceremony.  It is important to remember a few points when planning your beach wedding.

Sunrise is a wonderful time for a wedding, as it is not too hot and really a very special view to take in.  You can arrange to have a special breakfast for you and your guests after the ceremony and you still have the rest of the day to enjoy the time.  Another wonderful time for a beach wedding is in the evening at sunset or dusk, also a special time of the day.  Afterwards, you and your guests can celebrate with cocktails and dinner.  Definitely stay away from midday weddings in the summer, it is way too hot for both you and your guests.

You will need to have a backup plan just in case the Florida weather does not cooperate.  Local hotels do offer wedding packages. Or maybe renting a beach house or a local restaurant to accommodate the ceremony just in case…   In Florida in the summertime, just plan on rain in the afternoon.  It is the usual pattern!

Also, you will definitely want live music for your ceremony!  A violinist is perfect for this venue.  It is portable and so can be taken out on the beach.  It is loud enough to be heard and the sound will carry so your guests will enjoy live music before the wedding as they are gathering and waiting for the ceremony, and then you will have live music for your processional and recessional!  Very important touch for an elegant beach wedding!

Most importantly, just relax and enjoy your beautiful Florida beach wedding and I’m sure your guests will too!  It is a spectacular location like no other!