Wedding invitations are an important part of every wedding. You can have so much fun with designs and colors, an RSVP system that will help you plan your guest list, and the invitation itself gives guests a first impression of the ceremony and reception. There are definitely multiple ways to go about invitations as well as different prices you can pay, it all depends on what you want. Here a guide to help you decide!



There are so many looks you can go for when designing a wedding invitation. I like the idea of matching the color theme of the ceremony itself. Making decisions on the theme of your wedding before designing your invitations will help to ensure a matching theme. If you like being creative, make it yourself at one of the sites in the “Where to Buy” section below. You can also go to a designer or get them pre made at a stationary store if it’s in your budget. Keeping it simple is probably a good way to go, as well as making sure that the information on the invitation is easy to find.

What to Include:

Of course you will need to include your names and the time and place of your special day. Also include a place for guests to RSVP so you can let your venue know information on number of guests. Take time to make sure your RSVP system is organized; this will make planning the ceremony and reception a lot less stressful. I’ve also seen couples send an additional paper with information on a wedding registry. The Knot, a wedding planning site, is very helpful for setting wedding registries up. I definitely recommend checking out that site to make everything easier and more organized.


Where to Buy:

This aspect of your invitation can really alter the price. Remember when purchasing your invitations that most of them will end up being put into recycling, so budget and make sure to put money where it matters. Always save what you can. A great place to design your own wedding invitations is a site called PicMonkey. Visit Pinterest and YouTube for some inspiration and tutorials and then head over to PicMonkey or another photo editing site to design and edit an invitation to get printed and sent out to your desired guests. I highly recommend doing this to save money, especially if you have a creative side! Other sites include Minted and Vistaprint. I’ve heard great things about Minted and I’ve used Vistaprint for business cards and it was very affordable. And a tip, always be on the lookout for sales and deals on these websites, it can save you a lot of money!


Don’t stress too much about your invitations! Have some fun with the design, make sure to include the necessary information about your special day, and try to save a little money while your at it.